Welcome to the VIP e-Library!

This library is full of valuable information and will help you improve your food photography skills. Just have a look at the freebies, choose one and start your learning journey. If you have any questions about your images, or something from the inside our freebies, let me know at Instagram, you can find me as @foodlight.io or, write me an email to lucia@foodlight.io. 

And, never hesitate to write me if you have any idea for the next freebie! 

Our event's calendar

This is the calendar of the upcoming free events. As member of our free community, you will find zoom links here already. In case you don't see any events displayed, we are still defining dates for the upcoming ones :) 


How to find your photography style

Are you new to food photography and still looking for your own style? The first thing to do is to create your dream mood board and this guide will help you there! You will define your future dream food photography style and goals. 


Composition sketching guides

These guides will help you improve your composition skills. Before you start composing, try sketching your scene using these guides. It will be easier for you then to transform the idea you have in mind into reality. 

guide - controlling natural light

How to work with natural light

A guide showing you practical examples of how to create bright & airy, dark & moody, light & moody images, and images with natural hard light. See the behind the scenes and learn about the tools you need to manipulate natural light. 

guide - controlling natural light

Email templates to pitch free work

Use these templates when offering free projects in exchange for creating images for your portfolio. Learn more about free work in this blogpost.


Free composition overlay - Dynamic Symmetry

Composition overlays are a game changer for everyone. When you see composition lines on your screen while building your scene, you create a perfect image every single time.