About Me

Hi there, I am Lucia Marecak! A food photographer, food photography teacher, coach and creative consultant. Born in Slovakia, in Central Europe, currently based in Turin, Italy. 

I have build my business from scratch, during pandemic, and not so long after, I left my full time job. 

I am crazy passionate about food photography and online business. I love sharing my knowledge and building a community of amazing like-minded creatives, who inspires and support each other.

Photo credit: Domestika

I started my professional career in Human Resources, in a corporate environment, where I spent 8 years.  

After completing university of Economics & Management, I started working for an international start-up, where I was later responsible for Slovak operations. I learned so much about how to start and develop a business. 

Couple of years after, as the business grew, in 2015 I came to Italy to open a new subsidiary in Milan. Typical for start-up environment, I covered so many roles during that period, such as sales, business development, project management, accounting with an external help, while working on completing executive search projects for our clients. 

After that, I moved to Turin and started working as a Talent Aquisition Manager in the European headquarters of a multinational corporation.

In my career, I have interviewed thousands of candidates, while looking for specialists or top managers for marketing, communication, design and financial department. I've learned everything about different businesses, how marketing and sales work and saw ins and outs of many industries.

Although I had my dream job, the stress, negative environment, push & pressure was affecting me a lot. I realised the job I have and the environment I was in, doesn't correspond with my personal values. 

In 2018, I started learning food photography & about online business. It was often overwhelming and confusing starting alone, but as I fell in love with food photography, I strongly believed I can create my own business in the future.

I gave everything I could, my time, invested in my education, kept learning from the best photographers in the world, read hundreds of articles, and then practiced, practiced and practiced.

And then, the results came. 

I got  shortlisted in the category of Food Blogger by the Pink Lady Food Photographer of the Year 2020. I also joined International Food Photography Awards of Foodelia, where I won a couple of awards later on.

That was the year when everything changed for me. I started creating food photography images for my clients, opened my Members' Club and today, I have a community of hundreds of members, and thousands of subscribers. 

Today, I am a food photographer, teacher & a creative online business consultant. 


I work with companies as a food & product photographer

I create food photography or product images (food related) for my clients - business in Europe and USA. 


I teach my students food photography & how to create their creative business

I created my Members' Club, where I help my members growing their skills, and start & develop their own businesses. Inside the club, we cover every single topic they need along the way. 


I work with a small business owners to create their online passive income

I help my clients transform their physical business into an online empire. I create strategies, plans & I also follow an implementation phase, so that they develop an online income stream, while having more free time & enjoying their families more. 

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