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ISSUE #4 WINTER 2022/2023 Magazine of the FOODlight  - Members' Club

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Hello and welcome to our newest FOOD CONNECTS US edition, filled with delicious and heartwarming winter recipes created especially for you by our fantastic and talented members!

Food CONNECTS US was born as a simple idea in 2021, and we are so excited and proud to introduce the fourth issue of our magazine. All the magazines are prepared by the members of our Members' Club. Twice a year, we team up, collaborate while having fun, and create the best content for you related to our tournament theme! It's a fun way to team up virtually, meet new creatives worldwide and create seasonal-related content to show the world what our Members' Club is about.

The Members' Club is an interactive learning community for food photographers. We come from different countries with different traditions, and seasons are different for many of us. However, what connects us all is our passion and Love for food that we proudly share with you.

Whether you love cooking or are just looking for inspiration for your next photoshoot, you will find amazing belly-warming recipes combined with beautiful festive photography in this edition. Winter is all about comfort, coziness, and heart-warming recipes to be enjoyed with family in front of the house chimney!

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We wish you all festive and fantastic holidays and a happy new year 2023!

With Love,

Lucia Marecak


What you find inside this issue

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Here is our awesome team

We are a community of creatives driven by a passion for food and photography. Our members do everything you see in these magazines, creating the recipes, the photography, and all the content and layout. We are proud of what we do and excited to show our work, knowledge, and talents.

Here, you can see the list of all creatives who have contributed to this issue with their recipes, food styling, photography, copywriting, or any other way. You can download our previous issues of FOOD CONNECTS US here below through the links.

Lucia Marecak


A food photographer and creator of FOODlight (formerly Healthy Goodies by Lucia) - an interactive platform for food pho- tographers from all over the world. Lucia is Slovak born, Italy based food photographer. She creates food photography for companies, helps photographers to grow their knowledge and skills and coaches small business owners to transform their physical business into an online space.

Tatiana Tor


A food photographer that can never sit still and always wants to create.Tatiana specialises in graphic design, creative production and social media. Tatiana is France born, Spain based. She is a creator of an online shop where she sells backdrops and props to food photographers.

and bloggers who contributed with amazing photography and recipes

Alessandra Zanotti

Ana Rita M.

Anna Schwarz Laner

Birgit Loit

Daniela Lambova

Fiona Tait

Jamie Moore

Georgia Demertzi

Hajar Benomar

Honey Yehia

Kasia C. Faber

Katharina Nikiforow

Lina & Leonie Zangerl

Lotte Kreiensiek

Monika Jonaite

Sylwia Vaclavek

Tatiana Tor

Susi Bálint

Valérie Boehlen

Veka Vanakova

Wambugi Rispah

Yvette Klubusova

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