The perfect portfolio

  Live workshop - 14, 15 & 29 June 2023  

Turn your portfolio into a perfectly oiled machine bringing you revenue & clients you dream about

Stop chasing random clients with portfolio that doesn't attract them, or stop struggling to build one ...

Instead, learn how to easily create the perfect SEO-friendly portfolio that attracts your dream brands and pays you a monthly salary while creating a never-ending stream of clients that queue to buy photography services.

πŸ˜” You are tired of...

  • not knowing where to find your dream clients, and maybe you actually don't even know who your dreams clients are...
  • guessing what is the right & professional approach to contact them
  • confused about all the technical options out there that you can use to build a portfolio, while it takes you ages and lots of headaches 
  • struggling to build your portfolio or complete it to be able to start approaching first clients
  • contacting potential clients with a portfolio you realize is not the best one, but you don't know how to improve it and you don't have anyone to give you a constructive feedback
  • trying to follow all the SEO advices you heard about... while feeling trapped more and more in the SEO game... and still your portfolio doesn't appear in search results...
  • running out of ideas where to find new and new brands to pitch...

NOW YOU’RE LOOKING FOR A QUICK but EFFECTIVE solution for your portfolio that SELLS YOUR photography services AND gets you more CLIENTS!

The reality is...

πŸ’ͺ🏻 It took you a lot of hard work to arrive where you are right now. And you might have invested in an online course to help you out with composition, lighting, editing, or styling

πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ» You successfully completed it, congrats, btw :) and you create beautiful images, but what now?

🀯 You feel confused, and you struggle to figure out what is the next step, if you want to start working with clients

😨 and once again, you find yourself in front of the situation: take another expensive business program or 1-1 coach, but this is not always the most affordable solution.

So, you decide you going to make it on your own.

You want to work with brands, so you start building your portfolio...

You thought about building your portfolio with some website provider

But it seems so complicated and difficult to build your gallery and the entire portfolio, and it might even cost you some extra money ... while the solution is not as easy as you imagined it would be...

So then, you move on, and you consider creating a gallery with your best images, write some additional text about yourself and the services you offer 

But your portfolio still doesn't appear in search results. You struggle with SEO, and it's so hard to get clients to contact you directly. 

Then, you start pitching some brands you find here and there...

But you get refused many times, and you ran out of ideas on where to find new brands to contact. You might not even be sure what are your dream clients. And, even more, how to approach them professionally?

Here is a bold question for you...

What if you could stop spending months on building your portfolio, paying various tech providers that don't give you the solution you need, struggling with the SEO game, having a portfolio that doesn't bring you enough clients, 


you could start working strategically towards your goals, create your perfect portfolio to win new projects with brands you dream of working with, new clients finding you on Google and contacting you directly, and have consistent projects that pay you the monthly salary you wish to have and brands that queue to work with you?

Sounds too good to be true?

Keep reading and I’ll show you exactly how!

My portfolio (built within a few hours on a free platform, so I don't spend single euro for having it) results on the first page of Google when looking for a food photographer in Turin, and I have many clients that come to me directly, thanks to this. 

But, I will be honest with you... 

Getting to this point wasn't easy, and it took me some time.

I also started from zero with approximately 300.000 search results of food photographers in my town on Google. As a new food photographer and a foreigner in town, I struggled to get new clients. 

I even started working with a representation agency and I worked on exciting projects. But it didn't work out as I imagined, so I decided to move independently. 

After that, I decided to rebuild my portfolio with a strategy in mind, considering my dream clients and the market I live in. And now, I have long-term clients that I work with regularly every month and new clients that come to me because they find me on Google. 

Let me ask you,


does your portfolio show what your dream clients want to see? How satisfied are you with your portfolio, and how much could it still get improved? Are you trying to do it yourself, but you lack constructive feedback?

This is what I will help you with, so let me introduce to you...

The perfect portfolio

The perfect portfolio

A live workshop, where you learn & build your perfect portfolio, but not only that! 

After the workshop, you will...

  • Get clarity about who are your dream clients; 
  • Have a system of how to generate endless ideas of brands to contact
  • Have a professional portfolio, that attracts your dream clients, so they will be excited to work with you
  • You will have a process and all the tools needed to approach them professionally
  • Have a portfolio that appears in the search results, so you can get more clients contacting you directly
  • Be working with your dream clients, and have consistent projects that bring you enough income to provide for your family
  • And you will finally be able to leave your full-time!

This workshop is divided into 4 parts: 

Wednesday, 14 June, 2 PM Italy time

PART 1 - Getting clarity 

During part 1, I will help you understand who is your dream client, how to define your mission statement, and how to find new brands (so you never run out of ideas on where to look for them), and we will define a process of how to approach them professionally. You will learn how to do market research and how to use this information to create a portfolio that will attract your dream clients. And we will also cover how to use Instagram or Pinterest to promote your portfolio and connect with brands. 

... so that you can get clear about your goals, have specific actionable steps to do, and you can prepare all the information for creating the perfect portfolio your dream clients love to see!

Thursday, 15 June, 2 PM Italy time

PART 2 - Building the portfolio website 

In this live class, we will build a portfolio together. I will show you how to build your portfolio in the most simple platform (that I also use for my portfolio), and how to make it SEO-friendly. You will learn how to research the right keywords and how to create content (copy) for your portfolio. 

... so that you can build your portfolio (for free) within hours instead of days, and make your potential clients find you on the first page of Google. 

Then, you will have two weeks to build or rebuild your portfolio so I can give you constructive feedback later. You will receive feedback live during the review call or in a video. 

Thursday, 29 June, 2 PM Italy time 

PART 3 - Live portfolio review 

The live portfolio review will happen 2 weeks after the live training about building a site, so you have enough time to build & renew your portfolio. During the live call, I will review the submitted portfolios and give you constructive feedback and further suggestions. Every portfolio will get reviewed, whether it's during the live call or via a video. 

This session is very important because you get to see other portfolios, which can give you additional ideas and inspiration. 

... this way, you have constructive feedback on what you create, without having doubts if you build it correctly or not

Second half of september 2023 - to be defined with participants

PART 4 - Q&A call (3 months later)

Things always seem to be easy and clear, but when putting things into practice, so many questions appear! I want to give you all the support you need; therefore, there will be a Q&A call 3 months after our portfolio review call. This way, you can put into practice everything you learn during the workshop, and then, ask me any questions during the Q&A call.  

But wait, there is more!

During the workshop, you will also get:

Spreadsheet tool

Client ideas generator tool

This tool will help you generate endless ideas about brands and will help you do better research on where to find them. With this tool, new brand research will become easier than ever, and you will be able to find tens of brands within a few minutes! 

a checklist in PDF, Notion, or trello

SEO-friendly content checklist

This checklist will make sure that all the pages on your portfolio will respect the SEO guidelines, so your portfolio will appear in search results! This is very important if you want brands to find you on Google and contact you directly. 

PDF email template

Pitch & Follow-up template

This template will help you understand how to pitch clients via email, what to include there, or what is not necessary to share yet. This template will help you write the first pitch email & the follow-up emails too. 

editable Canva template

Welcome guide presentation for clients

Welcome guide will help you make a great first impresssion with potential client. This template was designed by a graphic designer for my own business, so it was created specifically for food photography services. You will receive a template of the Welcome Presentation in Canva that you can adjust to your own branding and add all the information needed. A welcome presentation is usually sent to clients when they positively answer to your pitch email and I will explain everything about it during the live class PART 1. 


Workbook for the live classes

You will receive workbook to help you follow the live classes, and make sure no information is lost. The workbook will guide you to get clarity about your dream client, market research, and about your portfolio. 

Join now, and you will get 

  • Access to all four live coaching classes of this workshop (299 €) - Getting Clarity, Building The Site, Portfolio Review, Q&A Call
  • Constructive feedback on your portfolio - during a live training or in a pre-recorded video (59 €)  
  • Client Idea Generator Tool (37 €)
  • Welcome Guide Presentation for Clients (57 €)
  • Pitch & Follow-Up Template (27 €)
  • SEO-Friendly Content Checklist (27 €)
  • Workbook to help you follow the live Classes (17 €)
  • And for the first 10 participants, a free month of membership in my Members' Club (42€) !



I have taught my method inside our Club and shared it with my mentees, and this is what my students have achieved

Susi's proposal got accepted by a client even though their budget was lower. They considered her portfolio very professional, so they believed investing more money into working with her is worth it!

Susi from @susi_gastrostudio

"I had a very clear direction from the Club on how to start pitching the clients and how to get that β€œdream” photography project. I really don’t think I would have done it without the resources in the Club and having Lucia as my mentor."

Monika from @foodtography.with.monique

Petra is living in a foreign country; therefore, we worked strategically on building her portfolio to fit her market and create processes for approaching her dream clients. And as a result, it's been just a few days since she has successfully completed her new paid client project with a local marketing agency!

Petra from @petraflucka

"Since I joined the Members Club in December 2022, my photography and business goals got much clearer and now I know exactly what to do to approach clients and earn money as a food photographer.  
Lucia helped me to define my top priorities and identify my focus clients that match my style and personality."

Zuzana from

Before Anna joined our Members' Club, she knew she wanted to build a business. However, she didn't know how to proceed further. After diving into our resources and, together with my help, Anna has defined her dream client, created a system, built a fantastic portfolio, and started working with hotels and restaurants in her location. 

Anna from

This workshop is for two specific people….


The aspiring beginner food photographer that wants to get their first projects with clients and doesn't know where to start, 



The food photographer with a portfolio but feels stuck and wants to have more projects with their dream clients and doesn't know how to do the shift.

If you can check one of these boxes, you’re in the right place!

Here is the thing...

πŸ‘‰πŸ» If you are beginner in food photography, and you know you want to work with clients in the future, you can move so much faster towards your goal if you approach things with a specific strategy from the early beginning....

πŸ‘‰πŸ» It takes time to build a business, but with the right portfolio, you can just skip some months of confusion & trial & error

πŸ‘‰πŸ» You can't just put together some images on your portfolio, or write something there... you need to select your images strategically, and do the research before you build your portfolio

πŸ‘‰πŸ» If you are a foreigner in some country, you can't ignore the local market you are in! The fastest way to get some paid project is to work with brands in your location. But, they also need to find you in google, or eventually, be able to understand your portfolio.

Further information about the workshop

  • We will have live Zoom classes so that you can ask anything and have my full support. Consider one live class will take about 2 - 3 hours; incredibly golden valuable information will be only delivered. Replays will be available after in a workshop-dedicated area.
  • You will get the digitally fillable workbook that will help you follow the class step by step and many other valuable tools to help you build an exceptional portfolio, make this process easier, and make a fantastic first client impression.
  • The portfolio review live part will be with 10-12 participants maximum. This will ensure we can work in a smaller group and every participant gets the proper attention. Based on the number of participants, I will organize the necessary number of live reviews, and, in such a case, you get to choose the slot for the live review that works for you. There will be an option to receive recorded video feedback too, in case live review doesn't work for you.
  • If you need more time (weeks or months) to build your portfolio, you will get video feedback once it's ready, until a maximum of 6 months from the live workshop date. This is enough time to practice, improve your skills, and build your portfolio step by step. 


Is this workshop for free if I am an active member of the Members' Club?

Yes! πŸ‘  this workshop is for free if you are a current and active member of our Members' Club. I love our Club's community and appreciate you being part of it. This workshop is my thank you for being there with me ❀️ 

I am only starting out in food PHOTOGRAPHY, is this workshop suitable for me?

It depends if you want to work with clients in the future. If yes, then this workshop is exactly what you need to achieve your goal faster. The first call of this workshop will give you lots of clarity to build the right strategy right at the beginning of your journey. This will help you move forward according to a specific plan and achieve your goals faster. How can you do that? This is the knowhow that I will explain during the training :)

However, if you don't plan on working with clients but you do food photography only as a hobby, you don't need a portfolio. In such a case, this workshop is not needed for you.

Is this workshop suitable for beginners or advanced photographers?

This workshop is just perfect for both. Part 1 will give you the clarity you need when you want to start working with clients. This is so important for beginners too. If you have a strategy directly from the beginning, you can start working with clients in a much shorter time. 

At the same time, this workshop is also perfect for advanced photographers who struggle with their portfolio or getting consistent projects. 

Is the workshop fee A one-time payment or A recurring fee? 

The fee for this workshop is a one-time payment. That means, you pay it once, and you get access to all the goodies included in the workshop.

What if I can't join live calls? How long ARE THE REPLAYS going to be available?

You get lifetime access to the replays. After the workshop payment, you get login details to the space dedicated to this workshop. 

is there a money-back guarantee?

Due to the nature of the digital product, once the live class starts (or in case you purchase a replay), there is no money-back guarantee. However, if you decide to cancel your participation before the live class happens, I will reimburse you the entire fee. 

When can I see the first results?

I would say a few months or weeks' time, depending on where you are with your portfolio right now. As you know, building a portfolio from scratch takes time, a few months actually. Then, looking for clients and getting your first paid projects will take some time too. The faster you build your portfolio, the earlier you will be ready to approach clients. During the call, I will share with you some strategies to build your portfolio sooner and get your first clients as soon as possible. 

Will I get feedback on the portfolio if I can't join THE live call?

Yes, every participant will get their portfolio reviewed. If you are able to join the live review call, we will review your portfolio there. In case the timezone doesn't work for you, you will get a video feedback. 

When will I receive additional the tools (bonuses) for this workshop?

All the tools, templates, and checklist (additional documents) that come together with this workshop, will be shared during the live classes. You will be able to download them during the live class and after, from the area dedicated to this workshop. 

When I receive a workbook for the classes? And can I edit it digitally?

You will receive the workbook during the live class, and it's going to be digitally fillable - created in google docs. You will get the link to duplicate the workbook and use it during the live class. It's important you fill in the information, as the workbook will guide you through the entire process of creating your portfolio, but it will also be the document you submit back to me with the portfolio for review. It will help me understand who is your ideal client so that you receive better constructive feedback on your portfolio.

How much support will i get?

The workshop will happen via Zoom so you can ask anything during the live call. You can access the workshop-dedicated space, where you can share your question during the 3 months' time, until our Q&A live call. This will give you enough time to put everything into practice and get my additional support in any situation or challenge you face.

Special offer - sign up before May 14th 



 β‚¬99 /one-time payment


 β‚¬99 /one-time payment

life-time access to the replays

  • Access to all 4 live classes (PART 1, PART 2, PORTFOLIO REVIEW CALL (2 weeks later), Q&A (3 months later)
  • Small group for the portfolio reviews 
  • Review of your portfolio during the live class or via a recorded video
  • Replays of the live classes available with no time limit
  • Workbook to help you follow the trainings
  • Client idea Generator tool
  • Pitch & follow up pdf email templates
  • SEO-friendly Content Checklist
  • Welcome Guide template for clients
  • One month free in the Members' Club for the first 10 participants!
  • For free for my current active members of the Members' Club ❀️

Are you a current member of our Members' Club? Then, the workshop is free for you! Login here and access the workshop dashboard directly.