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Photo & Business Challenge starting on Monday, 15 May!

This challenge is exclusive for members of our Members' Club. Door will open only for 48 hours - May 13 & 14!

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If you're eager to take your food photography skills and professional communication to the next level, provide exceptional client experiences, and establish your pricing with confidence, then this quarterly challenge is designed specifically for you!

Join us inside our Members' Club, accept this challenge and build

Your photography skills & business 

10 times faster, and more sustainable.

There is no better way to learn something new than through experiencing various situations. However, I understand how daunting and stressful it can be to deal with clients for the first time. That's precisely why I have prepared these challenges, which will provide you with real-life client situations to practice before engaging with actual clients! 

Your mission

Should you choose to accept it

Come and join us for an exciting 8-week challenge focused on Photography or Business! This mission is specifically designed to help you enhance your photography skills, gain valuable experience in dealing with clients, and confidently set your prices for your services. You have the flexibility to choose between the Photography and Business tracks, or even participate in both if you wish!

In both challenges, you'll have bi-weekly tasks that give you plenty of time to dive into specific situations, gather the tools you need, and learn from the feedback I'll personally provide. It's all designed to make your learning journey enjoyable and supportive. You can count on a friendly environment where you'll have the opportunity to grow and develop your skills. 

Receive your bi-weekly dose of knowledge, tools, and feedback on your assignments.

The knowledge

Every two weeks, you'll receive the necessary knowledge to tackle specific tasks, empowering you to set yourself up for sustainable growth and success.

The tools

You will receive helpful tools, such as templates, cheat sheets, and other resources. These tools will empower you to handle various situations with ease, clarity, and a professional touch in your business. 

The answers

Throughout each task, you'll not only receive the necessary resources to successfully complete it, but you'll also benefit from my personal feedback on every single assignment within this challenge. Rest assured that you'll have dedicated guidance and support every step of the way.

How the challenge will look like

We have both of these exciting challenges running simultaneously, allowing you to choose the one that resonates with you the most! Each task will be released step-by-step, giving you a clear path to follow. You'll have two-week timeframe to complete each task and send me your response. 

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Business challenge

During this Challenge, we'll dive into various situations you might encounter when starting out with clients.

I'll be right there to support you, helping you develop strategies, providing you with the tools you need for different scenarios, and improving your communication skills when working with clients.

Together, we'll tackle these challenges with a friendly approach, ensuring you feel confident and ready to excel in your client interactions.

Task 1 - "Your first client email" situation


You'll learn how to pitch a client, follow up when there's no response, and handle client rejections with grace. 

What you will get

 ✅ Email templates for all these situations, allowing you to approach any client confidently.

 ✅ Personalized feedback on your own emails, enabling you to refine and create unique templates tailored to your business. 

Task 2 - "woohoo! Client pitched you directly!" situation 


You will gain a clear understanding of how to effectively respond to emails from potential clients and have your own Welcome Presentation prepared. This presentation will help you craft responses that showcase your professionalism and make you look like a pro!

What you will get

✅ A Welcome Presentation template to impress your clients

✅ An Email follow-up template to effectively communicate with potential clients

✅ Personalized feedback from me on your responses and Welcome Presentation, helping you refine and improve your communication skills

Task 3 - "it's time to speak with a client" situation 

Result achieved:

You will gain a clear understanding of how to handle your first call with a client when discussing a project. You'll learn what questions to ask in order to gather all the necessary information for preparing a project quotation (step 4). This knowledge will empower you to engage in effective conversations, ensuring that you have all the details needed to provide accurate project quotes.

Task 3 - What you will get:

✅ An Email follow-up template to effectively follow up with clients

✅ Example questions to ask during a call with a client, ensuring you gather all the necessary information

✅ Personalized feedback from me on your email responses and the questions you ask, providing valuable guidance and insights.

Task 4 - "Preparing a quotation for a client" situation 


You will gain a clear understanding of how to set prices for photography projects. Additionally, you will have the opportunity to prepare your own quotation presentation, enabling you to showcase your professionalism and effectively communicate your pricing to clients.

Task 4 - What you will get

✅ A Quotation Presentation template to confidently present your fees to clients

✅ An Email follow-up template to effectively communicate with clients during the quoting process

✅ Personalized feedback from me on your answers, fees, and quotation presentation, providing valuable guidance and support to help you refine and improve your approach.

Photography challenge

During the photography challenge, I will assist you in defining your dream photography style that you aim to achieve in 2023 and beyond.

I will guide you through the process of creating a mood board for a photoshoot, enhancing your efficiency in image editing, and even help you create stunning product photos to showcase in your portfolio.

Together, we'll unlock your creative potential and elevate your photography skills to new heights.

Task 1 - Identify your dream style


You'll get to define your dream photography style and goals in food photography, and I will help you create you actionable steps achieve them. Let's turn your aspirations into a reality!

What you will get

✅ A Dream Style Guide to help you define your photography style aspirations

✅ Personalized feedback on your dream style mood board, along with guidance on the appropriate steps to take in order to achieve it. 

Task 2 - Create a photoshoot mood board for your personal or client project


You will learn how to create a mood board for your photoshoot. You'll also understand how to read and implement specific elements from the mood board into your images. This will enable you to capture photos that reflect your desired style and vision.

What you will get

✅ Recommendations for software you can use to create a mood board (that you can eventually share it with your clients too)

✅ Personalized feedback on your mood board

Task 3 - create your portfolio-worth product shots!


You will improve your composition skills and discover the art of creating captivating product images! Throughout the challenge, you'll have hands-on practice, allowing you to capture beautiful shots that will elevate your portfolio to new heights.

What you will get

✅ (Personal & Client) Photoshoot checklist in a convenient PDF format, accessible via Notion or Trello

✅ Personalized feedback on your images, ensuring you continue to improve and refine your photography skills. 

Task 4 - Create your own preset


You'll gain an understanding of creating your own presets, which will significantly streamline your image editing process, saving you valuable time. This skill will not only benefit your workflow but also contribute to achieving a cohesive and visually appealing Instagram feed.

What you will get

✅ Lessons on creating presets in Lightroom and Capture One

✅ Personalized feedback on your presets and edited images.

Frequently asked questions

How can I join these challenges?

The challenge will take place exclusively within our Members' Club, where you'll have the opportunity to join and participate. If you're not a member yet, don't worry! We have a 48-hour door-open window during which you can become a club member and gain access to the challenge. The door will open 13-14 May.

How will I receive feedback & support?

During the challenge, you'll receive tasks directly to your email, and you can respond with your progress and receive my feedback via email as well. In addition, we'll have live calls where we can discuss certain tasks together and practice various situations directly with other members. Get ready for an interactive and supportive learning experience! 

How much time will I have to accomplish one task?

You'll have 2-week timeframe to complete each task. 

I am already a member of the Club, how can I join this challenge?

If you're already a member of our Members' Club, you can easily access the challenge within the Club's dedicated area. Each task is conveniently listed as a calendar event, allowing you to seamlessly add it to your own calendar and stay on track with the assignments. And if you prefer, you can also enable email notifications to receive timely updates whenever a new task is released.

Can I follow this challenge at my own pace?

Absolutely! The release of a new task every second week gives you ample time to follow along and complete each assignment at your own pace. Whether you choose to stick to the timeline of the challenge or extend the tasks based on your personal schedule, rest assured that you'll have my full support throughout the entire process. The important thing is to engage with the tasks and make progress on your photography journey at a comfortable pace.

Photo credit: Domestika

Meet Lucia!

Hey there, I'm Lucia, a passionate food photographer and devoted food photography teacher. My love affair with food photography began in 2018, and since then, I have nurtured it into a thriving business that I proudly established in 2020. 

But my experience extends beyond photography. I've also held management positions since 2014, where I honed my skills in professional communication through email and in-person interactions with professionals from diverse industries. 

Throughout my photography career, I have had the privilege to work with numerous clients from the USA and Europe. It has been an honor to embark on this journey, and I am grateful for the opportunity to share my expertise in the most interactive coaching program designed exclusively for food photographers like you. 

I understand the fears and worries that come with dealing with clients for the first time. That's why I've designed these challenges exclusively for students of our Members' Club. So, whether it's capturing mouth-watering images or handling the business side of things, I'm here to guide you every step of the way!

Members' Club

Photo & Business Challenge starting on Monday, May 15th!

This challenge is exclusive for members of our Members' Club. Door will open only for 48 hours - May 13 & 14!

Photo & Business Challenge starting on Monday, 15 May!

This challenge is exclusive for members of our Members' Club. Door will open only for 48 hours!

Members' Club