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Free class for beginners - build a solid foundation in food photography, so you feel confident creating amazing and high-quality food photography images 

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Do you feel stressed or overwhelmed whenever you pick a camera and shoot your food photos?

  • You feel insecure about the manual mode and how to combine settings to create a great-quality photo,
  • You don't exactly know how to expose the image correctly and you are afraid of increasing your ISO because you heard you can't do that!
  • You can't focus right, the subject is not sharp, and you can't figure out why, or how to minimise the noise in your images,
  • You don’t understand the depth of field, and how to create it, or even histogram is something you don't know how to work with,
  • You feel overwhelmed when capturing a photo as when driving a car with a manual gearbox for the first time
  • or just... you feel really stressed ... but you are eager to learn and jump into food photography fully and build a strong base

Imagine, you would... 

  • You absolutely feel fantastic about the manual mode, or working with ISO, shutter speed, and aperture in any situation
  • Create sharp-looking images with every shoot, 
  • Controlling the depth of field, really making it the thing you love playing with and experimenting with your photos and newly learned skills
  • And you feel relaxed, you just simply enjoy every moment you spend photographing food 💃🏻

Let me introduce this free class: 

FUNDAMENTALS in food photography

This is a free event for all passionate food photography beginners. Thanks to this class, you will get a SOLID FOUNDATION in food photography, you will master manual mode and capture high-quality images every time. Plus you will know the mistakes to avoid in the future that many photographers continue making for years!

What you learn during the class

We will dive into cameras, lenses, manual mode, automatic vs manual focus, depth of field, how to reduce noise in images, how to work with ISO, how histogram works, and so much more you need to know to capture a high-quality image.

You will learn what mistakes you need to avoid to capture a great quality & sharp image during every photoshoot. 

You will see a few real photography sets that I use as a professional food photographer and some behind-the-scenes of my images.

Meet your host 

Hi there! I am Lucia Marecak, a full-time food photographer, the founder of FOODlight, and a food photography teacher. Born in Slovakia, based in Turin, Italy.

I am an award-winning food photographer and the founder of FOODlight. I've helped thousands of food photographers make progress and learn new skills through my free food photography program. I've worked with numerous international and local food brands. I am also a Creator of our Members' Club, the most interactive online learning community for food photographers worldwide.

This class is for

  • Everyone who loves food photography and would love to dive deep into this craft
  • All the food photography beginners who are eager to learn more
  • Those, who shoot with a manual mode (any DSRL or mirrorless), or those, who wants to upgrade soon and are curious about the technicalities of cameras
  • those, who might shoot with a manual mode for some times, however, are curious to learn a thing or two more about it... we will cover certain things that might even be new to many advanced photographers

This class is not for

  • Someone who is advanced and very confident at photoshoots, 
  • Someone who is not serious about food photography, and doesn't want to learn
  • Those, who shoot with mobile only and don't want to upgrade to a camera, this live class is focused on technicalities around capturing photo with a manual mode

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