FUNDAMENTALS - live class replay

Welcome to the replay of our live class. The class happened on March 23, and now, you can watch the replay. There is no time limit for the replay to be available, just enjoy it any time you want :)

Feel free to write me if you have any questions and I'm happy to help. 

Password: let'sdothis!

Apart from what we discussed on the workshop, (I hope that the foundations are clear to you now), do you feel like as a food photographer, your composition, or lighting techniques could be a little improved?

Are you feeling like a restless chicken, doing this or that, without having a specific goal or direction in your photography or business?

Or, that you would like to confidently approach potential new clients, believing in your skills and what you can offer them?

Imagine, how your photography and creative business could be improved and grow, when having my full support anytime you need?

I will help you with all of this, inside our Members' Club. 


In our Club, you will get: 

  • 19+ courses about photography, marketing and business to help you build strong knowledge in all these areas
  • 18+ masterclasses, where I help you build your lighting, composition or editing skills, and increase your confidence to approach any photoshoot 
  • live coaching calls, where I help you feel confident, solve any issues you have, and support you more in helping you in whatever you need and celebrate your wins
  • our image critiques, that will help you become more constructively critique of your own work, and understand what works and what doesn’t in images
  • creative challenges in photography or business, with bi-weekly tasks, to help you put into practice and see the growth and progress you have
  • and so much more ❤️ + many bonuses are waiting for you inside!

Click above and learn more about our Members' Club. The door to our Members' Club are currently close, but will open soon.