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Gain extra time and clarity in your marketing & grow your photography or blogging business fast

Get made-for-you tools, templates, checklists, graphics, training and support to skyrock your business for only €7/month

Most educators charge anywhere from $27 to $159 per resource of this kind of value. But I decided to put them all into the space, that every photographer or food blogger could efford for just $7/month

Here is what you have been doing, when trying to grow your photography or blogging business

  • You keep pitching new brands without any strategy
  • You spend days or months trying to create the perfect portfolio, but it seems it doesn't result in google and doesn't bring you potential clients 
  • You keep contacting random brands without being clear on who your dream clients are and what type of brands fits your values and personality
  • You trying to grow your Instagram followers by posting a “behind the scenes” reels, but the clients don't seem to find a way to you...
  • You waste too much time creating beautiful graphics or presentations, even though you are not happy about what you have created
  • You set your photography prices low, just to get a

But OMG... you are exhausted, aren't you? 

When is this photography business going to grow?

Or you could join our HUB and use a tested signature process to position yourself as a professional photographer

  • You start pitching with intention and strategy, while approaching the right clients for you and your business
  • You will be strategic with your actions and gain clarity about your ideal clients and how to market yourself
  • You will establish yourself as a professional photographer, with proved systems in your communication with clients
  • You will gain extra time, so that you can focus more on serving your clients and customers, or other important activities in your business
  • You wil be able to confidently charge what you are worth and increase your revenue
  • You will have a clear strategy about how to use Instagram to attract your ideal clients
  • Your portfolio will be resulting in first pages of Google, while attracting your dream clients on an autopilot
  • You will have a done-for-you professional templates, so that you can create beautifully designed freebies, e-books or cook books fast

Photo credit: Domestika

HI THERE! I'M THAT food photographer and educator, that has grew my business in under 3 years, has recurring long-term clients.

and I want the same & more for you!

When I started out as a new food photographer, I got my second hand-hand crop-sensor, excited and ready to create my business so that I could leave my full time job.  

But then, I got stuck for months.

Even though I invested about 6k into educating myself about photography or business, I felt like I haven’t got all my questions answered. Courses ended and I had noone to rely to. Alone to deal with everything again. 

So, I took a step back and started testing various tools that I developed based on my previous 8 years in Human Resources, Sales and Project management. 

Step by step, working with clients, talking to other professionals, watching, observing and testing various tools, I have developed my own tools that helped me design my process of managing clients’ projects and brought me recurring clients. 

After testing various methods in my own business, coaching my members and helping them grow their businesses too,  I finally realized 3 things:


Copy-paste, ‘steal my secret strategy’ solutions don’t work because they work on a very specific market, OR because what they try to push on you simply isn’t aligned with who you are and your purpose.


There is no secret hack to overnight success as a food photographer.


It’s not worth trying to develop the wheel all over again, while others - just like me and my Club’s members have been testing and proving the formula for you.

The formula works for me, as well as it also works for my students

When you check the testimonials below you will see Susi for example.

She strategically pitched 7 new brands, and 2 replied back asking a quotation. She followed steps I adviced her and used templates that you find inside the HUB.

Or, Veka, who followed our process and templates and created a presentation for clients, where changing one strategic thing. She went from 0 clients to 2 long-term clients within a few weeks. Now, she knows what’s working for her and what she needs to do to bring more clients in the upcoming months.

So how does it work exactly?


The In-Demand Photographer Path

A space with templates, tools and training to market and grow your business with a support and community that appreciates you.


The FOODlight Growth HUB

Build and grow your photography and blogging business fast with the right tools and templates that saves you time and energy. Become an in-demand photographer that serves the dream clients and creates a stable income in the business.

When you join the FOODlight Growth HUB

You get everything you need to quickly become in-demand photographer and grow your creative business

You’ll get instant access to:

  • An ever-growing HUB with scripts, workbooks, and planners
  • Templates and graphics to market your business
  • Ready made-for-you Client’s presentation templates in Canva that you can adjust to your own branding and use in your business
  • Professionally created graphic Canva templates for your ebooks, cook books, and other products you can offer to your audience
  • Professionally created social media graphic templates in Canva 
  • New on-demand tools every month
  • Q&A call every month to answer your questions
  • Private community and support

Here's a sneak peak of what's inside...

Amazing bonuses, training & new content is released

  every month! 

Stop struggling alone. Become part of a powerful community, take advantage of the ready-made for-you tools, materials, templates and a supportive community.

I am so convinced of the method and tools shared in this success club because they helped me to completely change my life and become a full time professional photographer.