Food Bloggers and Photographers, who feel as a headless chicken when trying to grow their blog or  business...

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templates that help you grow your blog 

toold that help you grow your photography skills

templates to market yourself as a food photographer

Most educators charge anywhere from $27 to $159 per resource of this kind of value.

But I decided to put them all into the space, that every photographer or food blogger could efford for just $9/month

Here is what you have been doing when trying to grow your skills, your blog or your business.

  • You feel as a headless chicken, trying to learn it all yourself: blogging, website building, graphic design, photography, SEO, copywriting, and marketing strategies
  • You spend too long composing your scene when photographing a recipe
  • You feel you don't progress and your photos look all the same, while you desire a change and improvement in your images
  • But, you don't have time to experiment with your scene, because there are other recipes waiting to be photographed
  • You also waste so many hours by creating your freebie or other graphics, but you don't like the visual side of it, because, you are not a graphic designer...
  • You trying to put all your effort into creating reels and posts, but you don't see any results of your effort
  • You try different ways to market yourself as a photographer, however your business keeps being stuck and not growing

But OMG... you are exhausted, aren't you? 

When all the things start to grow?

Or you could join our HUB and get done-for-you tools to use straight-away

  • You start improving your images and learning new things while photographing all your recipes on your to-do list
  • You start creating beautiful freebies that your subscribers will love while having more spare time
  • You will be confident and coscious about about marketing yourself as a food photographer
  • Be strategic about your marketing that attract the brands you dream about working with 
  • You will gain extra time, so that you can focus more on serving your clients and customers, and ultimately grow your business further

HI THERE! I'M THAT food photographer and educator, that has grew my business in under 3 years, and work with recurring long-term clients.

and I want the same & more for you!

When I started out as a new food photographer, I opened my blog, got my IG profile ready to go

But then, I got stuck for months.

I started doing it all - creating new recipes, growing my mailing list, promoting my blog on Instagram and later trying to market myself as a photographer. Ooh, it was exhausting!

My background was not a graphic design, so everything took me days if not weeks to create. And yet, it didn't really look beatiful. I had no idea about how to create a brand and all these things were new to me. 

While trying to improve a visual side of my marketing, keep improving my photos, creating new recipes, after a few months I eventually gave up with a burnt out. 

Took a break and started from zero again, until, 4 years later, I run my successfull and thriving photography business and help hundreds of my students grow and run theirs.

I took me years to develop new skills, learn what was necessary to manage my business, and develop the strategies to market myself as a photographer. I know the in-and-out of creating everything myself.

After being in food photography for 6 years, as a photographer myself and a coach, I see these 3 mistakes that beginner  food photographers do:


Creating graphics that don't look professional and don't bring you new subscribers or readers 

But, having ready-templates, graphics made by professional graphic designers is saving so much time, helps us look professional, and can help you grow your business so much faster!

You focus on 

No matter how hard you try to escape from the boring things, there are always going to be those time-consuming activities that you will have to do if you really want to be successful. Unless you have budget for hiring a graphic designer & copywriter.


You put the effort into a wrong marketing strategy!

Are you trying to attract more brands to work with, but you keep posting your reels showing the behind the scenes of building a scene? Brands don't care about how the photo is created, they are interested in hearing solutions and how you can help them with those


They don't do things they want, because of the tech stuff & not knowing how to set the process

When was the last time the tech stuff blocked you from doing something you wanted? 

it's not worth trying to do it all, reinvent the wheel, or learning how to do things which you don't really enjoy doing. You want to focus on what you enjoy, otherwise, you get stressed & overwhelmed.

I wish I had the access to such tools when starting out ...

So how does it work exactly?


The original & unique

The FOODlight Growth HUB

Done-for-you professionally designed tools to gain your time and energy, so that you can focus on building and growing your blog, photography skills and visibility as a food photographer.

When you join the FOODlight Growth HUB

You get everything you need to quickly adapt to your brand and focus on growing your creative business

You’ll get instant access to:

  • An ever-growing HUB with professionally designed templates & tools
  • Templates and tools to help you run your marketing like a pro, grow your cooking blog & audience
  • Ready made-for-you freebies, cookbooks and other digital products templates in Canva that you can adjust to your own branding and start growing your mailing list
  • Professionally created social media graphic templates in Canva to promote your blog
  • Marketing strategy to promote yourself as a food photographer and attract your dream brands
  • New on-demand tools every month
  • Private community and support

Here's a sneak peak of what's inside...

 new content is released

  every month! 

Stop running as a headless chicken, trying to learn it all and do it yourself. Become part of a powerful community, take advantage of the ready-made for-you tools, materials, templates and start creating and growing your blog and business.

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