Thank you so much for upgrading your VIP pass to this year's SUMMIT!

As my Thank you for registering via my affiliate link, I want to give you the Composition Overlays (17€) for free!  

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More info:

Digital Composition overlays for photographers. Use these overlays while tethering or cropping images, to build perfect scenes every time, streamline your photography workflow, and significantly improve your food photography composition skills.

These overlays include:
- 6 compositions - Rule of Thirds, Diagonal Method, Golden Ratio, Golden Triangle, Golden Spiral, Dynamic Symmetry,
- 76 files in total: .jpg and .png files, horizontal and vertical orientation
- the overlays are with the aspect ratio of 2:3 and 4:5 (Instagram), so you can finally create stunning compositions for social media too! 
- instructions for how to upload the overlays into Lightroom, EOS Utility and Capture One.

- with any tethering software you use (Lightroom, Capture One, EOS Utility, etc...)

How to download:
- click below and download the overlays into your computer directly.