Client Mastery Roadmap - a MINI coaching program for food photographers

If you want to transform brands into paying clients + manage the entire photography project successfully = ultimately grow your business, you might… 

Need processes, AKA a roadmap, in your business, so that you can create exceptional client experiences, ensuring their return in the future

Lets finally get it done ✅ 🎉

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My students love our Live coaching classes about Clients & Projects in our Members Club.

So, I surprised them with new Business challenges, where they received private video feedback on the assignments.  

But… they wanted more. 

So, I've decided to create a full coaching week on how to establish processes in their own business and create an extraordinary client experience.

a coaching program that will help you create exceptional processes for your business and clients

Create your processes for pitching your dream brands and converting them into paying clients, and managing photography projects. This method has helped me and my members acquire photography clients through the extraordinary experiences we've developed.

If you are struggling with…

  • Not knowing what are your dream brands and how to attract them...
  • Not knowing how to successfully pitch brands and transform them into paying clients
  • Not knowing how to communicate with a client, or what documents to prepare to show your professionalism,
  • Not knowing how to manage your photoshoots, pre-production, production or post-production process, so that your client doesn't only receives perfect images, but also sees the value in working with you,

Then, this is for you!

Here’s what I am sharing in this program:

✅ Mastering Brand Pitching Strategies: Learn how to identify the dream clients, how to attract them with the right images, and how to successfully pitch brands with a strategic approach.

✅ Effective Client negotiation phase - Discover the steps to take the client through so you can get all the information about the project to be able to create the right quotation for the client

✅ Impressive Client Onboarding & Pre-production: impress your client with mood boards and other steps you can take to ensure the successful outcome of the project

✅ Smooth Production Communication and Process: Learn the steps of a successful photoshoot and how to communicate effectively with clients during the production phase to prevent reshoots.

✅ Seamless Post-production & Offboarding: Navigate clients through post-production, create compelling presentation of your final images, and ensure a smooth project conclusion.

Intensive Training & Implementation

Training n.1

Day 1 focuses on the initial phase of the client journey.

We will delve into the art of pitching and explore how to proceed when clients respond positively and request a quotation. We'll address various scenarios and I will guide you on how to react in each situation. Throughout the day, we will walk you through every step from pitching to contract signing with a client.

Day 1 Goal

The goal of the first day is to provide clarity on strategic pitching, negotiation, and client onboarding processes.

What you get

  • Email templates for client communication
  • Canva templates for the Welcome presentation and Quotation presentation
  • Client Mastery Roadmap Checklist

Training n.2

On Day 2, we dive into the Preproduction Phase, which occurs after the contract is signed. 

We will discuss the essential steps involved in preparing for the production day, including strategies for various types of clients. Our goal is to help you ensure a successful next phase with no need for reshoots.

Day 2 Goal

The goal of the second day is to provide clarity on the necessary steps and tools for the preproduction phase, enabling you to guide your clients seamlessly toward the final shoot.

What you get

  • Email templates to communicate with clients when presenting mood board, shot list and else
  • Contract template
  • Invoice template in spreadsheet
  • Client Mastery Roadmap Checklist

Training n.3

On Day 3, we focus on the Production Phase and Client Offboarding.  

We'll delve into the execution of the final shoot, covering topics such as presenting the long list, shortlist, and critical details to pay attention to.

Day 3 Goal

The goal of this training is to provide a comprehensive understanding of client photoshoot projects and how to successfully navigate them to completion.

What you get

  • Email templates for client communication
  • Client Mastery Roadmap Checklist

Plus, get these bonuses:


Mission: Portfolio

Get the replay of the 3-day coaching classes about how to define your ideal client and build the perfect food photography portfolio. This is a must-watch training before you start working on your client mastery processes.


Client Call Training

Get the replays of the training sessions where we practiced live discussions with clients. Learn how to handle Zoom/phone calls with a client to collect all the information about the shoot so you can create the proposal and answer all the client's questions.


Email Templates

Get all email templates you need for communicating with your clients. All the templates and examples, from the first pitch email to client offboarding.


Client Presentations Templates

Get done-for-you Canva templates for client presentations, including welcome presentations, quotation presentations, and invoice templates. You can access, adjust them to match your branding, and use them right away.


Client Mastery Roadmap

Receive the Client Mastery Checklist, that guides you through the essential steps, ensuring you know exactly what to do at every stage of your client interactions. You can easily integrate it into your workflow, whether it's on-the-go in Notion or Google Spreadsheet.

And, a *free bonus training:

Bonus training - free for everyone!

When is the time to leave your full-time job to pursue your photography career?

A FREE bonus training where we will discuss how to prepare for the most challenging transition—leaving your full-time job to start your business and pursue your photography career. This training will guide you on how to best prepare yourself financially and in other aspects, allowing you to confidently enjoy creating your new life without doubts or stress.

PS: if you decide to join the paid coaching program, it's not needed to register extra for the free bonus training. It's already included in your program's dashboard.

Ready to level up your photography business?

This is a live coaching week where you gain access to me for personalized guidance and have all your questions answered.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the 98€ a one-time payment?

Yes! And, you have two options: You can purchase the entire coaching event with a one-time payment of 98€, or you can become a member of our club at 42€/month and access the training as a member.

Is the bonus call (from FUll time job to photo career) available to the public for free?

Yes, the bonus training on transitioning from a full-time job to starting a business is available to the public free of charge; there are no fees involved. To access it, simply register above, and if you are not already subscribed to our free community, confirm your email. You can then enjoy the life coaching training live or watch the replay. The replay will also be archived in our VIP e-Library on

Is the coaching event free for Members Club members?

Yes! Our members can access the entire coaching week at no additional cost; it's already included in their membership. While this event was initially created exclusively for our members, I've decided to offer it to the public for a small fee as well.

I am unable to attend live. Will the replays be available, and how long will I have access to them?

Yes, the replays will be saved in our FOODlight Academy space, where you can access the training. One-time payment will provide you a lifetime access to the replays

I am a beginner in photography. Is this training suitable for someone at my level of experience?

This training is perfect for beginners too, who however are thinking already about starting their own photography business. The training gives them a clear direction about how to deal with clients throughout the entire journey and can speed up building photography business dramatically. 

Ready to level up your photography business?

This is a live coaching week where you gain access to me for personalized guidance and have all your questions answered.


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